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It's Just Merlin

don't worry;

Oh that's alright, it's just Merlin!
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JUST MERLINa daily merlin community
Arthur: "Gaiberries work!"
Merlin: "You didn't know if they work?"
Arthur: "No, not for sure."
Merlin: "Now you tell me?. Oh, oh what is that wilddearen is eating? Oh, that's all right, it's just Merlin. You tried to get us both killed!"

Lancelot and Guinevere

Welcome to the daily community for Merlin, the servant and sorcerer. With guest appearances by His Pratliness, Gwen, Lancelot, Morgana, and other snazzy people.

It's run by absolutelybatty! And she loves you all. And Merlin, fyi.
And also arithilim! And she's a firm supporter of Team Merlin, jsyk.

o1. Enjoy!
o2. Watch!
o3. Please do not repost on Tumblr or claim as your own. That would make Merlin cry.
o4. Comment if you like. Or if you don't.
o5. And feel free to send in pictures of Merlin that you want to see in the community!

the credits;
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